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Family Rise Together

Family Rise Together

Family Rise Together’s mission is to help strengthen family unity by engaging fathers in their children’s lives to establish family values, social roles, and participation in the community. Family Rise Together also offers a micro-enterprise program that provides technical assistance, referrals, advocacy, and business coaching services. Entrepreneurs are primarily BIPOC and Communities of Poverty Members. To apply for the micro-enterprise program, click here:


American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO)

AICHO was created as an Indigenous response to the social conditions in Duluth, Minnesota, powered by the urban Native American Community. AICHO provides a continuum of community action, housing options and support services. Located in AICHO, the Indigenous First Fine Arts and Gift Shop sells quality gifts and goods with a mission of advancing, promoting and investing in Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs.  AICHO also offers workshops and events for BIPOC entrepreneurs. AICHO regularly hosts events for Indigenous and BIPOC entrepreneurs. You can learn more about AICHO’s events here:

Family Freedom Center

Family Freedom Center seeks to empower the Black community by reconstructing socio-cultural narratives and unapologetically embracing what it means to be Black, both historically and in present day. FFC’s program, Freedom Youth Start-ups is focused on supporting the business development of entrepreneurs of color aged 18-26. FFC provides safe spaces for growing and learning as well as free course material, food, childcare and technology. Freedom Youth Start-Ups has 5 phases: entrepreneurial workshops, paid internship trainings, credit building and financial literacy, micro-loans for start-ups, placement and real estate and capacity building loans. To learn more about the program click here:


Northland Small Business Development Center

The Northland Small Business Development Center offers a number of free resources and tools for business owners. Northland SBDC offers the following: business consultations, training workshops, financial planning, marketing and advertising and a number of free templates and other business documents.

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Financial Assistance


Duluth 1200 Fund

1200 Fund

The Duluth 1200 Fund supports the Duluth economy through several loan incentive programs aimed to address a gap in the financial package. These loan programs are for business expansions and relocations within the City of Duluth that will create new jobs. Bank participants and business owner equity are both required to be part of the financial package supporting a business’s growth. 

To learn more and apply, click here:

Entrepreneur Fund

Entrepreneur Fund

The Entrepreneur Fund provides a variety of loans and business advising for start-ups to existing businesses looking to grow. Entrepreneur Fund also provides tools and resources for business owners for free.

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